trail benefits

Health & Wellness

The Kennett Greenway offers a fun recreational option for individuals, families and teams to take advantage of. One of the Greenway’s original intents was to create a safe place for fitness enthusiasts to use aside from using non pedestrian-friendly roads. Research suggests that moderate exercise (such as walking and cycling) performed on a regular basis can yield substantial health benefits. The Kennett Greenway offers an excellent outdoor option for exercise of any kind.


The Kennett Greenway helps to create a walkable community and a connection to the beauty of our natural surroundings. Additionally, reducing our reliance on vehicle transportation has a positive effect on the environment.


Did you know that two-thirds of all the trips we make are for a distance of five miles or less? Using trails to bicycle or walk reduces increases the mobility of those who cannot drive, and gives more residents access to the many amenities of Kennett. This includes our award-winning YMCA, library, parks, schools, retail shops and restaurants.


With the Kennett Greenway in close proximity to our local schools, the educational opportunities are endless! The trail will foster learning through interaction and natural curiosity, while giving students a safe environment to learn.


With the creation of a connective trail, Kennett Square will benefit from an increase in visitors, which will in turn enhance the business of local shops, restaurants and other places of commerce.

Quality of Life

Our Kennett community is uniquely committed to making our town a great place to live and work! The creation of an easily-accessible trails system creates new possibilities for recreation, access, and education while enjoying the beauty of Southern Chester County.