Internship Opportunities

Kennett Trails Alliance Internship-Summer 2018

The Kennett Trails Alliance (KTA) seeks a summer intern to create a marketing campaign surrounding the final vision of the Kennett Greenway, a 12 mile trail loop that will pass through parks and preserves, recreational and activity areas for families and adults as well as through the Borough of Kennett Square. The Kennett Greenway is only partially completed but in an attempt to ignite the imagination of the community surrounding the project, KTA intends to create a marketing campaign as if it was completed. The envisioned campaign will include an interactive website and printed collateral as well as a strategy for social media and PR.

The candidate will work with the KTA team to catalog both the current and potential amenities along the trail and thereafter, the intern will be expected to drive the process of graphically designing the experience and create a marketing campaign strategy. Because what is being marketed does not yet exist, emphasis will be placed on graphic and visual richness such that the reader or viewer will be able to imagine what it would be like to experience the Kennett Greenway if it was completed as contemplated.

The internship will be for a 10 week period sometime between Memorial Day and Labor Day with a minimum required 20 hours/week. Location will be based out of KTA’s office in Kennett Square. Intern stipend will be $400/week.


  • Must be a self-starter, able to take concepts and creatively drive them
  • Strong graphic design and website construction capabilities
  • Capabilities with graphics and mapping software (or ability to learn it quickly)
  • Strong creativity with problem solving skills
  • Collaborative by nature, friendly and flexible
  • Able to provide own transportation


  • Local resident acquainted with local amenities and organizations
  • Experience with various forms of media creation and editing
  • Artistic capabilities
  • Rising junior or senior in college

Interested? Email with a current resume, cover letter and portfolio.