The Kennett Greenway is the result of collaboration of the Kennett Township, including the Kennett Trails & Sidewalks Committee and the Land Conservation Advisory Committee, the Kennett Borough and several private non-profit organizations, including Kennett Trails Alliance and The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County (TLC).

Kennett Land and Trails (KLT)

Kennett Land and Trails is an initiative by the Township that includes the various organizations that manage Kennett’s sidewalks, trails, and open spaces. KLT is committed to enhancing the recreation and conservation of the community’s environmental resources for its residents. KLT works closely with public committees- Kennett Township Land Conservation Advisory Committee and the Kennett Trails & Sidewalks Committee. By working with private and non-profit organizations such as Kennett Trails Alliance (KTA) and The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County (TLC), they bring awareness to Kennett Townships’ rich natural resources and encourage residents to enjoy all the Kennett has to offer! The following organizations are part of Kennett Land and Trails:

The Kennett Trails & Sidewalks Committee and Kennett Township Land Conservation Advisory Committee are subcommittees of Kennett Township and provide recommendations to the Board of Supervisors about trails, sidewalks and open space.

Kennett Trails & Sidewalks Committee (KTS)

KTS’s goal is to provide increased walkability and recreational opportunities throughout Kennett Township, via sidewalks and trails. KTS is developing a trail and sidewalk plan to create a network which links together major open spaces, parks, public facilities, businesses, and neighborhoods in Kennett Township and beyond. KTS coordinates with Kennett Township and private organizations to promote a regional approach, including Kennett Trails Alliance.

Kennett Township Land Conservation Advisory Committee (LCAC)

The LCAC’s goal is to facilitate the preservation of open space for the benefit of all through the assistance of landowners who wish to protect their properties. The LCAC aids in the protection of the area’s natural beauty by providing advice and guidance in relation to the preservation of natural, agricultural, and historic resources including, farmland, wetlands, forests, historic buildings, and scenic remaining open space. The LCAC works in partnership with the Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County.

Kennett Borough

The Kennett Borough has been an integral part of the creation of the Kennett Greenway through offering support and access to key trail segments.


The Kennett Trails Alliance and The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County are private, not-for-profit organizations based in Chester County, PA.

Kennett Trails Alliance (KTA)

KTA seeks to connect the Kennett community to its natural beauty while promoting health, safety, a respect for the environment and a sense of community, through the creation of the Kennett Greenway, which will be a 10-12 mile loop connected by trails and sidewalks. KTA’s vision includes building a better Kennett community for the current generation and for generations to come.

The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County (TLC)

TLC’s mission is to ensure the perpetual preservation and stewardship of open space, natural resources, historic sites, and working agricultural lands throughout Southern Chester County. As of 2017, TLC has preserved approximately 915 acres of land, through both purchasing land and working with landowners to place conservation easements on their properties. TLC’s work focuses on establishing conservation corridors, protecting historic sites, providing walk-able communities through trail linkages, and offering ecological education and outreach programs for professionals, students, and under-served members of the community.